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Make The Right Choice With Your Money
For most people their house is their single largest investment. For many people their yard is a reflection of their own personality. What does your fence say about you?

Resale Value

At some point you may want to sell your house, and one of the first things a buyer will notice about a property is a fence. If buyers see a run-down fence, they will most likely take the cost of a new one out of the price of the house, not to mention it will take longer to sell, costing you time and money.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

Most people think to have a beautiful fenced yard is impossible, too expensive. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Vinyl fencing will save you money, not to mention time, and will look amazing for years to come. When considering a fence ask yourself what you want and need the fence to do and for how long.

We are aware that vinyl fencing is not the cheapest fence out there initially, but within a few years of maintaining other fencing (especially wood) it sure will be. Basically, it comes down to pay now or pay later. If you pay now you will have a picture- perfect fence you can be proud to stand beside. If you choose to pay later, that’s exactly what you will do. You will get a fence you will stand beside for hours stripping and painting or staining and sealing, trying to fight your way between landscaping and fence, dripping harmful chemicals from the paint or stain along the way, all the while eating into your wallet.


Vinyl fencing with its hundreds of different styles will be an investment you won’t lose money on. Ask us, we have a fence to suit your needs… and budget!

Investment Information For Your Application




Your Largest Investment

A person’s home is probably their largest investment. A home is not just a house but rather is a reflection of you and your personality. A vinyl fence is extremely low maintenance and provides wonderful curb appeal. This is something to consider whether you plan to live in your house for years to come or have bought your house as an investment to renovate and flip. If you plan on staying in your home for years, ask yourself: ‘Do I want to spend my valuable time fixing and maintaining a fence? Or do I want to pay someone and spend my hard earned dollars to repair and/or maintain my original investment? Do I want to invest in a product that needs replacing in 5-10 years or if I’m lucky 15-20 years? 

Increase Your Property Value

Will vinyl fence increase the value of my property?’ If you plan on selling your house, a fence is one of the first thing’s a prospective homeowner will see. A fence and the condition of that fence will tell a lot about you and the perceived value of your house. If people are walking into your yard and the first thing they see is a fence that either need’s painting or replacing even in part, this can automatically lower the perceived value of a property. On average a fence is the # 1 thing people look for when purchasing a house (keeping children and/or dogs in or out), next comes the deck and railing. Take a drive around your neighborhood and really look at the condition of the fences and yards. Whether consciously or not their condition changes your perception of that neighborhood. Take a look at some of our before and after pictures and decide for yourself!


Many customers do not feel they can afford vinyl fencing however if you have budgetary restraints we have bank financing options. Ask us about them! Imagine all the time and effort spared when you are not maintaining a fence. This can be redirected to more important matters, after all, aren’t you worth it? This graph represents maintenance on different styles of fencing. The starting point used is vinyl at 100%. You can see that vinyl and aluminum are comparable in price but unlike vinyl eventually aluminum needs to be repainted. As well aluminum can bend and to maintain the beauty of your fence these pieces need to be replaced or repaired, not an easy fix. Wrought Iron is much more expensive and will also need to be repainted so that it does not rust. While wood is initially cheaper than vinyl it is also the most expensive to maintain. Chain Link is the least expensive fencing option but it also looks institutional and does not add to the perceived value of your house. With vinyl there is no maintenance involved, there is no ‘Well I should…’, no guilt about that fencing maintenance project that never seems to get done.

Differing Views and Opinions

Stratas and gated communities have their own unique concerns and difficulties. First and foremost among these is the challenge of getting a number of people with differing views and opinions to agree on something. This is always difficult. However, there are two things that everyone agrees on:

  1. They want their complex to look great as it reflects directly on them.
  2. They want it cheap.

Strata Life

When it comes to Strata life there are few thing’s that can enhance the look and feel of a Strata, like a vinyl fence. When it comes to a fence, vinyl is the only choice for Strata’s and gated communities. The reason being, not only do they look great but they pay for themselves. When you consider the amount your Strata pays in maintenance every year and look at the condition of the existing fence, are you getting your money’s worth? Our fences require no painting thus you can spend your money on other thing’s that require attention. Our privacy fences even pass the Department of Highways Standards for Noise Barriers Test. When installed properly our fence will enhance the look of your strata or gated community and improve perceived property values.

Times Are Changing

This is probably the newest application for vinyl fencing. It has been long thought that chain link is the only way to go, but times they are a changing, and changing fast. In certain areas, towns, cities, or counties have passed bylaws restricting the use of chain link fencing to improve the look of the area. However industrial areas still do not want to worry about maintenance, they need a product that won’t let them down. 8 Foot Commercial FenceWe know that fencing in industrial areas end up taking abuse and you may wonder if vinyl would hold up.

Strength & Durability

Our vinyl fencing can be reinforced with the placement of rails and rail inserts and we have certain fence styles which end up being naturally stronger than others plus they look great. One problem that vinyl solves is replacement of damaged product. We’ve all see it or maybe even done it, you know that section of fence that got hit by the forklift, truck, or trailer and looks terrible. It’s a huge job to fix and even after it’s fixed it still might look like a patch job, not looking the same as the rest of the fence. With vinyl fencing each panel of fence is built out of pieces that if just one board is damaged you can replace it cheaply and easily. Also with our vinyl you won’t have issues with replacing pieces. With all the benefits and a 30 year warranty there is little doubt as to why vinyl is growing at such a rapid rate in this special area of fencing.
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