Vinyl Fence Engineering

Our Vinyl Fencing products are engineered to last a lifetime

Engineering is the single biggest investment an extrusion house can make.


A great indicator of how good a product is engineered is to look closely at the company’s warranty.


Vinyl discolouration can occur If the vinyl is not properly engineered. Discolouration can begin to occur in as little as 6 months. 

Improperly engineered vinyl will start to chalk, yellow or grey.


Proper testing can reveal issues such as gaps, cracks or warping due to an inability to stand up to wind load, or even just the pressures of everyday use.


The quality of ingredients makes all the difference. quality ingredients provide a vinyl product that will enhance the look and value of your property for years. 

Our PVC resin is checked for moisture, colour and content. The compound batches are analyzed in a pre-extrusion check for molecular fusion temperature and pressure.

Extruded profile samples are cut and checked “on line” for colour, gloss, radius and dimension and tested “offline” for impact resistance, as well as heat and freeze reactions.

When quality ingredients and a rigorous testing protocols are put in place a vinyl product will give you at least 30 years of maintenance-free living.