Our V3 industrial ornamental fencing line is an industrial-strength version of our popular patented pin-hinge rackable fence system. Leveraging the same quality and characteristics of VERSAI™ and V2, V3 provides enhanced strength and security. It is ideal for high-security installations such as federal and local government buildings, military facilities and high-security enterprises.

Key Features

  • Easy rackability adjusts to grade changes in the landscape
  • Patented* Pin-Hinge Technology allows rackability without metal on metal, ensuring no metal fatigue or compromising of the powder coat
  • Patented* hidden pin-hinge system means no visible fasteners
  • Highly customizable, with options such as flat top, flat top/flat bottom, extended picket, pressed spear and curved top
  • Perfectly smooth rails with no unsightly picket-to-rail connection points
  • Virtually maintenance-free, thanks to the FortressShield coating
  • Simple bracket design speeds installation, while security fasteners add strength for commercial applications
  • Peace of mind with a FortressShield 20-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • *US Patent No. 8899555, Canadian Patent No. 2,698,715, Australian Patent No. 2008296065, European Patent No. 08799266.5