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Vinyl Fencing Colors

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A Large Selection Of Colours

In today's world we are no longer limited to a single colour option. At Okanagan Vinyl Products we carry a large selection of colours, and styles. Our colour options give you the ability to match your personal preference and home style.
A timeless classic. White Vinyl Fencing is our most affordable option amongst all fencing colours. It also create an amazing backdrop for flowers, gardens, and lawns.
View White Vinyl Fence Examples
Our Tan Vinyl Fence starts with a is built upon a yellow base. When It comes to tan it is a very versatile colour that matches almost any home. 
View Tan Vinyl Fence Examples
Very similar to our tan colour our Adobe coloured fence starts with a yellow base but has a more grey tone. 
View Adobe Vinyl Fence Examples
Our Honey Maple coloured vinyl fencing starts with an Adobe base colour.  Wood grain striations are added throughout and the end result creates a beautiful wood look that creates a warm atmosphere.
View Honey Maple Fence Examples
Our Mocha Walnut coloured vinyl fencing starts with an Adobe base colour. Wood grain striations and a red pigment are added throughout and the end result creates a redwood pattern that will lasts a lifetime.
View Mocha Walnut Vinyl Fence Examples
Green Teak is a favourite amongst the Okanagan Vinyl Product Staff. With a light yet warm look it suits almost any backyard. 
View Green Teak Vinyl Fence Examples
Looking for more of a grey or blue to match your homes exterior? Look no further than Chai Grey. Chai Grey will accent any home but will look best amongst homes with a blue or grey hue.
View Chai Grey Vinyl Fence Examples
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