Vinyl Decking

Low maintenance vinyl decking doesn’t crack or rot. 

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Gorilla® Wood Deck Boards

Gorilla Wood System is beautiful and practical.

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Hidden Fastener Options Available

Gorilla® Wood decks have traditional gaps between
boards for water drainage, as well as hidden fastener
options, performance and appearance.

Finish Any Deck With Gorilla® Wood Fascia Board

Homeland’s Gorilla Wood Fascia boards combined with Gorilla Wood Deck Boards are an ideal system for a complete finished look!

Gorilla Deck

A deck you can enjoy rain or shine.

A Gorilla Deck® G3 makes a beautiful addition to any home, offering an attractive, low-maintenance deck that would make any homeowner proud. But the beauty of a Gorilla Deck G3 isn’t just what’s on top. The beauty also extends below its surface… thanks to Gorilla Deck G3’s revolutionary water-shedding technology.

As Strong As It Is Beautiful

In addition to helping keep the below-deck space drier, Gorilla Deck G3’s unique interlocking design also provides added strength. While traditional deck designs rely on the strength of each individual plank, Gorilla Deck G3’s interlocking design reinforces the surface by locking all individual components into a single unit. The result is a deck that’s so strong, it’s tough enough to take it.

Like Having Two Decks in One

The heart of the Gorilla Deck G3 system is its patented (Patent No. 6,324,796) interlocking design. When installed properly, this innovative system creates a water-shedding surface that helps prevent water from traveling between boards. Unlike other decking systems, Gorilla Deck G3 channels water to the sides of the deck, not through it. This unique water shedding design helps keep the space below the deck drier, even on rainy days. The space below Gorilla Deck G3 can be as usable as the space above it*. It’s like having two decks in one. *The Gorilla Deck G3 is not intended for roofing applications.

Add a New Deck or Resurface an Old One

Gorilla Deck G3’s low profile plank design (1-1/4”) makes it ideal for retrofitting existing wood decks. Each plank measures six inches wide – similar to wood – and comes in lengths of 16, 20 and 24 feet. Its low profile and unique interlocking design make Gorilla Deck G3 one of the easiest and fastest decks on the market to install.

A Lifetime of Beauty Perfect for Any Style Home

Homeland’s Gorilla Deck G3 deck boards will never rot, split, or decay, and are impervious to insects and moisture. Every Gorilla Deck G3 board is covered by one of the toughest warranties in the industry – a lifetime, transferable limited warranty – making it the right choice for any homeowner.

Gorilla Deck, when properly installed, will channel water off at the ends of the deck and help prevent water from traveling between deck boards, to keep the area under the deck drier.

Vinyl Decking On Dock

Gorilla Deck® G3 Is Engineered for Strength and Beauty

Beautiful, practical and easy to install… It’s no wonder Gorilla Deck G3 is becoming the number one choice of contractors across the nation. Ask for it by name.

Vinyl Decking Features
  1. Interlocking planks help shed water and keep surface below dry.
  2. A low-maintenance surface that will never need painting.
  3. 1-1/4” planks for a wood-like appearance.
  4. Concealed fasteners for clean, safe surfaces.
  5. Interlocking design for added strength and easy installation.
  6. Insect resistant, moisture resistant and will not rot, crack or split.
  7. Extruded from highest quality PVC resins with ACCU-Shield®.
  8. 16’, 20’, 24’ lengths for any size project.
  9. Stainless steel, self-tapping pan-head screws (1 ½” #8 and ¾” #6) are recommended.

Installation is easy ...

Install Vinyl Decking - Step 1

Lay Down Deck Board

Install Vinyl Decking - Step 2

Screw to Joists

Install Vinyl Decking - Step 3

Finish with Trim

Install Vinyl Decking - Step 4

Gorilla Fascia System