Corrugated Metal Fencing

As of 2022 OK Vinyl Products now sells corrugated metal fencing panels.

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Why Corrugated Metal Fencing

For many years OK Vinyl Products was reluctant on selling Corrugated Metal Fencing as many projects were combined with our #1 enemy (Wood). As of spring 2022 OK Vinyl Products has flipped the table on the fencing industry and are now combining our amazing vinyl fences with corrugated steel panels in 4 different premium patterns. 

4 Panel Styles To Choose From

You can combine any of these four panels with any of our 6′ Full Privacy Vinyl Fencing Styles





Black Is Back

After a long shortage, we are back in black. For more information contact us today.

Low Maintenance

Consider the years of low maintenance living, money and time saved by not replacing or maintaining that fence. Imagine more time for backyard BBQ’s with family and friends and time to do the things you enjoy in life.

Installing On Concrete?

Installing on concrete? No problem. As long as your concrete can support a structure with wind load on it we have a solution! We weld either a 1 7/8” or 2 3/8” pipe on a 4” base plate and have a system to sleeve a vinyl post over.