Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Bella Turf artificial grass is the solution to many landscape problems today’s homeowners face. Some may be experiencing poor drainage in the yard, some may have trouble growing a natural lawn, and some just want to kick back and enjoy a nice lush lawn without all the upkeep. Turf Lawns are very popular, and it’s easy to see why. No matter the issue, we’ve got a synthetic grass product to suit your needs. We also carry all the necessary supplies required for artificial turf installation.

If you are just wanting to dress up an area that is purely aesthetic, a flat yarn synthetic grass will work great and give you the results you are looking for. To create an outdoor grass living space that will be enjoyed on a regular basis, we recommend looking into one of our shaped yarn artificial turf for backyards. The durability of Bella Turf fake grass makes them the sensible choice for high-traffic areas.

Through decades of hands on experience, the Bella Turf grass product line was designed and created to blend into Canadian landscapes. Our products showcase some of today’s most innovative blades and come in several styles and tones. Bella Turf grass is designed for Canada’s climates, it’s the best fake grass in vancouver and it can handle all seasons.

Artificial Grass For Every Situation

Cascade Elite

Treat you, your family and your house to Bella Turf’s best-in-class series of artificial grasses. The Cascade Elite is Bella Turf’s most luxurious grass…

Coastal Pro

Designed with Bella Turf’s ultra Soft S-blade technology, Coastal Pro offers one of the softest artificial grass products available. If play is on your mind, Coastal Pro is for you!

Sierra Pacific

Perfect for the garden friendly home with a natural appeal; the Sierra Pacific blends authentic olive and field greens with a warm dry yellow…


Want to enhance you yard? Bella Turf’s Classic offers an exceptional blend of natural field green, emerald green and dry yellow colours that…

Park Royal

Live in the lap of luxury with one of Bella Turf’s most elegant and luxurious grasses – the Park Royal. Park Royal has a perfect blend of Emerald and field…

Sierra Pacific - Lite

Looking for that artificial turf with a natural texture that is ideal for the nature lover and garden enthusiast. The Sierra Pacific – Lite blends…

Paw Pro

With the rising popularity of pet applications, Bella Turf has created a grass that is aesthetically pleasing for you, and functionally practical for them.

Natures Best

Natures Best, Bella Turf’s Ultra-Durable 5-Colored Artificial Turf Inspired by the Prairies. Heavy Foot-traffic. High Quality.

Elite Play

Elite Play, Bella Turf’s true “no infill necessary” artificial grass putting green turf. Realistic putting green grass from Bella Turf.

Selkirk Elite

Canada’s Favourite Artificial Grass—now FIFA Approved. Built with a FIFA quality Waveblade, in a light and bright colour.