Why Choose Vinyl Over Wood for Your Fence?


White vinyl fence separating two yards.

Vinyl Requires Less Maintenance

Wood fences require a lot of maintenance and need to be re-stained/weatherproofed regularly in order to hold up to the outdoor conditions. Vinyl, on the other hand, requires no maintenance, just cleaning periodically.

Vinyl is More Resilient

A wood fence that is exposed to the elements rots and breaks easily. A vinyl fence will not rot, splinter, or break easily the way that wood will.

Vinyl Won’t Fade

Unlike wood, a vinyl fence will not fade from exposure to the elements. You can rest assured that your vinyl fence will age uniformly (maintaining its colour), while wood fades quickly.

Vinyl Provides More Privacy

Because vinyl does not expand, contract, or warp the way wood does, you will not end up with gaps in your fence over time that take away from your privacy. Your backyard is your private oasis and a vinyl fence will keep it that way.

Superior Value

Installing a vinyl fence is generally similar in cost to installing a wood fence, and a wood fence has on-going costs associated with maintenance, vinyl is a one-time investment. This will save you money over time.