So, you’re in the market for a brand new British Columbia residential fence! As you consider what type and style best fits your needs, it’s also a good idea to consider the impact a brand-new fence may have on your neighbors. Practicing proper fence etiquette will help you maintain a great relationship with your neighbor, making the experience a positive one for you both. In this article, we’ll discuss a few things that you should consider before beginning construction on your new fence. 

Open Communication is Key

The first and most important tip in proper fence etiquette is to keep the lines of communication with your neighbors open and cordial. Being part of a residential community means it’s important to consider the impact that changes to your property may have on your neighbors. You are not necessarily required to let them in on all the details, yet it is a simple courtesy to advise them of your general plans so they know what to expect. This allows you to proceed with your fence installation without running into any surprises or disputes. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out they may be willing to share the cost of the project!  

Know Your Property Lines

Appropriate fence etiquette requires that you make sure your new British Columbia residential fence is built within your property lines. Even if you’re relatively certain of where your property begins and ends, you owe it to yourself and your neighbors to double-check. If you are unsure, it would be wise to hire a land surveyor to mark your property. 

Know Your Local Regulations

The next tip is for you to make sure that you are familiar with your neighborhood rules and local zoning regulations. If you belong to a homeowner’s association (HOA), you can guarantee they have certain ordinances in regard to fence height, materials, and even color.  


Even if you don’t live in an HOA, there will be local zoning laws that may influence the construction of your new fence. This is especially true if your house is on a corner lot since a tall fence in the front yard might interfere with the view of traffic approaching the intersection. It is likely that your Okanagan Valley fencing contractor may be familiar with local ordinances, but it is not their obligation to ensure that your new fence complies with every municipal ordinance or HOA rule; it’s yours. 


Another core component of fence etiquette is the maintenance and upkeep of your fence. Like any other part of your home, a fence requires regular care in order to keep it safe and looking good. A fence made of vinyl or any type of metal requires little maintenance other than an occasional spray down with a hose and wipe with a rag, but be aware that it’s also your responsibility to clean and maintain both sides. If your fence begins to age or starts to lean, it’s up to you to have it repaired or replaced.

Consider a Good Neighbor Fence

The last fence etiquette tip we’ll discuss is the placement of your fence. Depending on the type of fence you plan to build, one side may appear more appealing than the other. It’s common practice to face the “good” side of the fence, also known as the finished side toward the street and your neighbor’s property. However, you could choose to install a neighbor-friendly fence that has an identical look on both sides like an aluminum, vinyl fence, or corrugated metal fence. Let the pros at Okanagan Valley fencing contractor OK Vinyl Products show you the many fencing options we have that look great from either side. 

Install the Best British Columbia Residential Fence

When deciding which fence types will meet your home and family’s needs, as well as keep you in good standing with your neighbors, Ok Vinyl Products offers a variety of residential fence options to choose from including aluminum, chain link fence, vinyl, ornamental iron, corrugated metal and ColorMAX fencing

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