In a world full of cookie-cutter, low-quality vinyl fence products, you can make your fence company stand out with vinyl products from the top vinyl fence supplier in British Columbia. At OK Vinyl Products, we understand firsthand the importance of having attractive, durable, and dependable vinyl products for your clients. That’s why we take great pride in the wide selection of custom-fabricated vinyl fencing products that we offer to British Columbia and Red Deer area fence companies and fence dealers. Let us show you the benefits of our top-tier vinyl fences!

What is Vinyl?

“Vinyl” is shorthand for “polyvinyl chloride”, which is also known as PVC. Discovered in 1872 by a chemist in Germany, vinyl is a type of plastic that became an incredibly popular material for a wide range of products across various industries, including the fencing industry! 


Today, vinyl is one of the most commonly sold plastics in the world, thanks to its abundance of favorable traits. As far as the fencing industry is concerned, vinyl creates beautiful, durable fences that are low-maintenance and fully customizable. While other fencing materials may require frequent maintenance and regularly need repairs, vinyl resists water, UV light, and extreme temperatures, making it an incredibly strong fencing material. 

Vinyl Fence Benefits from the Top British Columbia Vinyl Fence Distributor

OK Vinyl Products’ Fences Will Last a Lifetime

While other vinyl distributors may fabricate their vinyl fencing materials out of cheap vinyl that’s sourced from overseas manufacturers, the experts at OK Vinyl Products only use high-quality, North American-made vinyl products. Other vinyl products may be cheaper but are more likely to weather, fade, and break down in the harsh British Columbia and Red Deer area weather. 


When you choose to work with the top vinyl fence supplier in British Columbia, you can be sure that any vinyl fence you install or sell won’t bend, break, warp, rot, or crack, even after years of use! Their long lifespan ensures your customers will be satisfied with their strong, long-lasting fence and recognize you can convey the benefits of their investment.

British Columbia Vinyl Fences are Low-Maintenance

At OK Vinyl Products, we understand that your customers are looking for a low-maintenance fencing solution. Vinyl fencing is an easy, cost-friendly alternative to other traditional fencing materials that don’t hold up well in the British Columbia area. Our vinyl fence products create an attractive border while being low-maintenance and durable. 


Vinyl fence products from the top British Columbia vinyl fence distributor will not require frequent painting or staining and won’t ever rot or warp if it is properly installed. Not only this, but they are also resistant to insects, wind, and water. In addition to being low-maintenance, our vinyl fencing is also very easy to install, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for long-term beauty, security, and style for their home or business.

Create Attractive Fences for Your Red Deer Clients and Beyond

Creating attractive fences is not only important for a property’s curb appeal, but it’s also a great way to add privacy and security for your clients. We can fabricate virtually any vinyl fence style you desire in a multitude of colors, including certain wood grain patterns, making it easy for any customer to get the look they want. Whether they prefer a more traditional fence or they are looking for something a bit more modern and unique, our vinyl fence products provide the perfect answer. 


At OK Vinyl, we offer custom fencing solutions that allow clients to personalize their fences down to the last detail. We are confident that, with our vinyl fence products, you’ll be able to provide your clients with an attractive, secure, and durable fence that’s just right for them.

The OK Vinyl Products Difference – Stellar Service from a Premier Vinyl Fence Supplier in British Columbia

At OK Vinyl Products, customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities, which is why we focus on fabricating high-quality vinyl products and forming relationships with our dealers. When you work with our team, you can receive all of our custom-fabricated vinyl products including fences, decks, and railings that are created to your specifications. On top of that, we offer fast shipping to keep your clients happy and your business booming! 


We also offer support to our local dealers so if a customer calls us from your area, we’re happy to refer them to you so that they can contact you directly for faster service from a local dealer or installer. Together, we keep our customers happy with the best vinyl products in British Columbia, Red Deer area, and beyond!

Learn More About Vinyl Fences in British Columbia

Make sure to visit the Vinyl 101 page on our website for more information about what sets our vinyl products apart as the premier vinyl fence supplier in British Columbia. Still on the fence? Reach out to our friendly team online or give us a call at (250) 498-3996. When you need a premier vinyl distributor in Red Deer, British Columbia, and beyond, look no further than the experts at OK Vinyl Products!