Professional Installation vs. DIY Installation


Sunflowers growing beside a white vinyl backyard fence.

When planning a fence project, many people wonder whether it is worth it to have their fence professionally installed or to try their hand at DIYing it. We always recommend getting your fence installed professionally in order to get the most out of your new fence. Here’s why.

Why Choose Professional Fence Installation?

Guarantees a Job Well Done

The biggest benefit of hiring professionals to install is that we make sure the posts are level and straight, we do not follow the terrain as that can cause a fence to look messy and uneven. We typically ensure that the panels have even spacing and not a bunch of 8-foot sections followed by an inconsistent 2-foot section at the end.

No Surprise Costs

Professionals always make sure that we have all of the materials to complete the job because we know what we need to accomplish the task. Often with a  DIY install, people have no idea what they need and when they get the materials realize they are missing pieces or they make a mistake and need to replace a part, so the cost in the end after getting all of the materials and tools required ends up being more than if they had just hired a professional. 

Efficient Work

Professionals know how to complete our projects in a timely fashion whereas DIY’ers sometimes have an ongoing fencing project for sometimes years. At OK Vinyl, our fence installations take just one or two days for smaller projects, and one to two weeks for larger projects.

The Safety of a Warranty

Any good installer will include a warranty on their fence installation. This gives you peace of mind that you will not get on a DIY job.

OK Vinyl’s Installation Process

If you choose to have your fence professionally installed by our experienced team, here is what you can expect.

  • When we receive a request for a quote, we have a contact sheet we fill out with all of your pertinent information.
    In a timely fashion, we call to set up a time to meet on site to review your needs, discuss style, height, colour, if there are any grade changes whether you prefer stepped or sloped install.
  • We create a diagram with the layout and details which goes to the estimating department to figure out material and installation costs. An official quote is determined and emailed to you to review. 
  • If you wish to proceed, we require a 50% deposit which we can accept through Visa, MC, Amex, e-Transfer, cheque, or cash and once we receive that, we schedule the job.
  • Typically a project takes a couple of days, one day to dig and set posts and another to panel. If it is a larger project of 300 feet or more, it may take a week or two.