How a New Fence Can Transform the Look of Your Yard

Just adding a fence can’t make that big of a difference, right? Wrong! Adding a fence to your yard can completely change the look and feel of your yard. Here are 5 ways a new fence can make you feel like you have a whole new yard.

Block Out Eyesores

Maybe you don’t have the best view from your yard. Getting that unappealing view out of your eye line will make you feel like you’re in a completely new space. Installing a privacy fence will block out that view and contain your yard so you can control what you look at and what you don’t. 

Use a Fence as a Trellis

Transform your yard into a lush oasis by installing a fence and growing trailing plants on it. Grape vines, honeysuckle, and climbing roses are good options that will grow up a fence and sprawl over it, so you can enclose your yard and feel surrounded by nature.

Brighten Up Your Space

Adding a white vinyl fence will make your whole yard look brighter. White opens up any space and makes it feel less closed in, bigger, and lighter, so this is an especially good way to transform the look of smaller yards or those that don’t get a lot of light.

Create Cohesiveness

Pick a fence design that matches your home design to create a cohesive aesthetic that ties your yard in with your home and makes the entire space flow together. You’ll be amazed at how a fence that matches the aesthetic of your home will transform the space and make your yard feel more put together. 

Create Contrast

Alternately, you can use a fence as a statement to add a pop of colour that stands out from your home. Choose something that compliments your home and yard but adds interesting contrast for a dramatic statement. At OK Vinyl, we have a number of fence colour options and offer even more colours by special order.

If you’re interested in getting a new fence for your yard, feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. We’re happy to help and advise you on the best fence for your individual requirements.

Professional Installation vs. DIY Installation

When planning a fence project, many people wonder whether it is worth it to have their fence professionally installed or to try their hand at DIYing it. We always recommend getting your fence installed professionally in order to get the most out of your new fence. Here’s why.


Why Choose Professional Fence Installation?

Guarantees a Job Well Done

The biggest benefit of hiring professionals to install is that we make sure the posts are level and straight, we do not follow the terrain as that can cause a fence to look messy and uneven. We typically ensure that the panels have even spacing and not a bunch of 8-foot sections followed by an inconsistent 2-foot section at the end.

No Surprise Costs

Professionals always make sure that we have all of the materials to complete the job because we know what we need to accomplish the task. Often with a  DIY install, people have no idea what they need and when they get the materials realize they are missing pieces or they make a mistake and need to replace a part, so the cost in the end after getting all of the materials and tools required ends up being more than if they had just hired a professional. 

Efficient Work

Professionals know how to complete our projects in a timely fashion whereas DIY’ers sometimes have an ongoing fencing project for sometimes years. At OK Vinyl, our fence installations take just one or two days for smaller projects, and one to two weeks for larger projects.

The Safety of a Warranty

Any good installer will include a warranty on their fence installation. This gives you peace of mind that you will not get on a DIY job. OK Vinyl installations all include a one-year warranty.


OK Vinyl’s Installation Process

If you choose to have your fence professionally installed by our experienced team, here is what you can expect.


Choosing the Best Fencing for Your Property

Ready to install a fence or upgrade that old one, but don’t know where to begin? Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right fence for your property.


What do you want in terms of visibility from your fence? Do you want to create privacy and/or block out a less-than-ideal view? If so, choose a fence style that has little or no gaps. Do you want to be able to see through your fence easily? Go for something that has larger gaps or an open chain link fence.


Do you want a fence that’s high enough to keep your jumping pup safely in your yard? Something that blocks street visibility? Or something short that doesn’t impede your view but gives your yard a pulled together look? 


Security is an important thing to consider, particularly if you own a commercial property. Chain link fencing is a very popular way to protect a larger property or commercial facility because it is extremely secure while also being very affordable, making it a cost-effective option for a high fence with a large perimeter.


A fence can work wonders in terms of upgrading the look of your yard and tying your property’s aesthetic together. Think about what style works best with your home and yard--do you want something rustic and quaint or something modern and sleek? You’ll be amazed at how much a fence in the right design will improve the look of your entire property.


The material of your fence may be the most important thing to consider. Vinyl fencing is a great option because it is incredibly durable, long lasting, virtually maintenance free, and super versatile--it comes in a wide variety of styles, heights, and colours. Feel free to get in touch with us today with your questions about vinyl fences or to book an installation.

How Vinyl Fencing Adds Real Value to Your Home

Installing a vinyl fence around your yard increases your home value. This is because a vinyl fence adds to your home in so many beneficial ways, from aesthetics to safety. Here are the top reasons why a vinyl fence ups your home’s value.

Interested in installing a vinyl fence?


Privacy & Safety

A backyard that feels like a private oasis is a lot more appealing than one that is open and visible to passersby. The privacy that a fence provides makes any backyard feel more homey and relaxing. A fence also acts as a safety barrier to keep small children and pets from wandering off when you spend time in the yard together.


Noise Barrier

A quiet backyard is worth a lot! Vinyl fences provide a barrier to help to dampen street noise, so your peaceful outside time is actually, well, peaceful.


Help Protect Your Yard

Having a well kept yard and flourishing garden adds home value, and one way to ensure that your backyard landscaping looks its best is to dissuade pests from coming into your yard and pulling up your plants. A fence keeps your yard away from the eyes of hungry rabbits and deer, cutting down on the likelihood that they’ll stop by to make a mess of things.


Improved Aesthetic

A visually appealing fence can up your curb appeal. Installing a fence will transform the look of your yard, and depending on the design of fence that you choose, you can change up the style of your aesthetic dramatically. At OK Vinyl, we have a ton of different fences to suit everyone’s taste, from rustic homesteads to sleek and modern urban homes.